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Restore Youthful Volume and Definition with Dermal Fillers at The Glow Clinic Hereford

Dermal fillers are a popular and effective way to achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. Here at The Glow Clinic Hereford, we offer a variety of dermal filler treatments designed to address specific concerns and enhance your natural beauty.

Tailored Treatments for Your Desired Look:

We understand that everyone’s facial structure and aesthetic goals are unique. Our experienced aestheticians will work closely with you to create a personalised treatment plan using high-quality dermal fillers. Choose from the following options:

  • Voluptuous Lips (1.0ml Lip Filler – £260): Enhance the volume and definition of your lips for a fuller, plumper appearance.
  • Enhanced Cheeks (2.0ml Cheek Filler – £400): Restore lost volume in the cheeks, creating a lifted and more youthful appearance.

Comprehensive Rejuvenation Options:

For a more comprehensive rejuvenation experience, consider these options:

  • 3 Point Facelift (£600): A non-surgical facelift that addresses three key areas – cheeks, jawline, and temples – for a lifted and sculpted look. (Treatment time: 120 minutes)
  • 6ml Full Face Rejuvenation – Premium Filler (£750): This luxurious treatment utilizes 6ml of premium filler to address volume loss, smooth wrinkles, and redefine facial contours for a complete rejuvenation experience. (Treatment time: 120 minutes)

Target Specific Concerns:

We also offer targeted filler treatments to address specific areas:

  • Additional Syringe of Filler (£180): For additional volume or to address multiple areas, add syringes of filler to your treatment plan. (Treatment time: 60 minutes)
  • Chin Enhancement (£260): Define and enhance your chin for a more balanced and harmonious profile. (Treatment time: 90 minutes)
  • Jawline Enhancement (£400): Create a sharper and more sculpted jawline for a more defined facial structure. (Treatment time: 90 minutes)
  • Lipstick Lines/Smokers Lines (£260): Smooth out fine lines around the mouth caused by aging or smoking. (Treatment time: 90 minutes)
  • Marionette Lines (£280): Reduce the appearance of deep lines that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. (Treatment time: 90 minutes)
  • Nasolabial Lines (£280): Soften the lines that extend from the nose down to the corners of the mouth. (Treatment time: 90 minutes)
  • Tear Trough Filler (£280): Fill in hollowness under the eyes, creating a smoother and more youthful appearance. (Treatment time: 60 minutes)

Experience the Glow Clinic Hereford Difference:

  • Free Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our expert aestheticians to discuss your desired results and determine the best filler treatment plan for you.
  • Natural-Looking Results: Our skilled professionals will use their expertise to achieve natural-looking enhancements that complement your unique features.
  • Safe & Effective: We use only high-quality dermal fillers and adhere to the strictest safety protocols to ensure a positive treatment experience.
  • Relaxing Environment: Enjoy a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere during your treatment at our modern clinic.

Ready to rediscover a youthful and sculpted look? Contact The Glow Clinic Hereford today to schedule your consultation.