Consultation – free once attended, £20 charge on no shows. Free 30m
After Care Included in all Prices
Skin Treatments Consultation at The Glow Clinic Hereford

Consultations are an essential part of the process. It is an opportunity for you to meet us and discuss your concerns, ask any questions and tell us about you desired outcomes.  We will take a medical history to ensure you are in good health and suitable for any proposed treatment and give you all the options on how we could achieve your goals.

Skin Aesthetics Leominster at The Glow Clinic

Tiny injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A, commonly referred to as ‘Botox’ are injected to relax the muscles that contract causing skin creases which over time lead to lines on the forehead and around the eyes. The treatment is a minimum of 2 appointments and all included in the price. Results are generally seen within a few weeks and last 3 – 6 months depending on the severity of your lines and how long you have been having the treatment.

Antiwrinkle Injections

1 x Area £190 30 mins
2 x Areas £230 30 mins
3 Areas £250 30 mins
Skin Aesthetic Treatments Hereford at The Glow Clinic
Seventy Hyal Facial Treatment
Seventy Hyal
1 Session £180
3 Sessions £500

Seventy Hyal 2000 is an injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) skin booster that is designed to enhance skin hydration levels. It is considered to be a bio-stimulating treatment that can also help to promote the production of new collagen and elastin within the skin.

As we get older, our body gradually loses around 1% of its hyaluronic acid stores each year from the age of 30 onwards. This can lead to the appearance of fine lines and a loss of facial volume. Seventy Hyal 2000 is a solution to this problem, as it can help to counteract the natural depletion of HA within the skin by injecting it back into the skin’s dermis.

Dermal Fillers in Hereford - Lip Fillers at The Glow Clinic in Hereford
1 x ml £260 90 mins
0.7ml £200 90 mins
Extra ml in the same treatment + £190 90 mins
3 Point Face Lift £600 90 mins

Dermal Fillers are used to to replace lost volume, adding support and addressing asymmetry. Most fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in our bodies so it integrates well with natural tissue. It also plays a role in stimulating collagen. It can be used globally to smooth, plump, lift and contour the face. We use premium dermal fillers and topical numbing creams for your safety and comfort. Whether a simple volume increases in lips or a full face rejuvenation dermal fillers are an integral part of many rejuvenation treatment plans.

Facials & Profhilo

The Clarity Facial £80 60 mins
The Clarity WOW Fusion Facial £140 90 mins
Radiant 30 Skin Peel £75 45 mins
Radiant 20/10 Skin Peel £80 45 mins
Detox Clear Acne Skin  Peel £80 45 mins
Viscoderm Hydrabooster (two treatments required) £200 per treatment 90 mins
Profhilo Treatment 1 £260 45 mins
Profhilo Treatment 2 (Essential) £260 45 mins
Profhilo Treatment 3 (Optional/As required) £200 45 mins
Antiwrinkle Injections Ledbury before and after
Skin Rejuvenation Leominster before and after acne treatment
Antiwrinkle Injections in Hereford using Alumier Liquide
LED Light Therapy in Hereford in the Wow Fusion Facial

Our signature “Clarity” facials range include medical grade products from AlumierMD.

Our skin peels are from AlumierMD and are used for a variety of skin issues from acne to rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

All our skin treatment plans are bespoke to your needs and microdermabrasion and LED are often included to increase the value and outcome of your treatment.

Viscoderm is a hydra boosting HA injectable injected straight into lines to soften and improve skin integrity globally on the face, a good alternative for those not wanting a more subtle rejuvenation or as an alternative to anti wrinkle injections.

Profhilo is an innovative, new injectable skin treatment using unique and patented technology to address skin laxity, dull and dehydrated skin. Perfect for people over 35 to deeply hydrate and ‘remodel’ the skin. The results are finer, hydrated, smoother and more radiant skin. A safe and quick treatment performed that is perfect as an alternative to shape changing dermal fillers or the perfect adjunct to anti wrinkle treatments. Awarded “Product Innovation of the Year’  at the Aesthetic awards 2016 and “Best Injectable Product Europe’ in 2018.

Skin Rejuvenation in Abergavenny at The Glow Clinic

The Clarity WOW Fusion Facial uses the power of micro needling, combined with mesotherapy and the luxury of the Clarity Facial giving you the ultimate skin treatment. Resurfacing, hydrating, rejuvenating, exfoliating smoothing and tightening…. brilliant for reducing redness and helping acne scarring too – now that’s a WOW.